A Night With Robots

So, here is how it all went down at the sleep study and what I am to expect (as far as I understand) in the future…
First off, I was forced to share my room with an enormous remote control.
Was covered in wires all over the place
and had to share my bed with a naked android
All while they watched me sleep… creepy!
The only bonus so far was that I was in a Sleep Number bed. I have always wanted to try one for a night. 25 – in case you were curious.
9:30 I was done (I thought). I went lights out and thought I was ready to sleep. I turned my phone off and closed my eyes.
Everything from this point forward was a seemingly bottomless pit of anything but sleep. There is no clock in the room. I have no idea how long I laid there getting frustrated. I have no idea when I went to the bathroom, I just remember, after what seemed like forever, the nurse coming on the intercom asking if I was ready to get up. It seems I had accidentally hit the “Call” button. I was confused and frustrated and just said “No”. To this, she responded with “It is 6:00 so we are going to get you up anyways”. Damn it… sigh…
So I got up, got all the wires off of me, and said goodbye to my new roommates. I inquired as to what they saw and was told that I would have to consult with my Doctor in one to three weeks. The fact that I failed to enter REM sleep and was never woken up to be fitted with a CPAP basically means I botched the whole thing.
So, after waiting for two months, I set here frustrated. I still have not been to sleep in 36+ hours. I am so mad at myself that when I lay down, I just think about how I screwed it up when it mattered the most…
What’s next? I wait, meet with the Doctor, and figure out how to make me sleep and decide if another sleep study is needed.

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