Look Mom, No Hands!!!!

For those that follow my blog (I think there might be 5 of you LOL), I apologize for not updating more often this past couple of weeks.

When I fell, I broke a chunk of bone off in my right elbow. I fractured bones in my left wrist, and there are many torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Typing starts to hurt after about 10 minutes so I restrict my time to reading on the computer rather than writing.

I see the Orthopedic Specialist in 3 hours and will hopefully have some more answers, a timeline, or a game plan for what we are going to do to get this moving forward. At this time, if I move my left pinky or ring finger, something snaps in my hand and I almost fall to my knees. This is not good. To say the least, driving is not that easy right now.


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