More Pain, No Gain…

Been a little over a week since I fall down go boom.

Ended up in the hospital over night. Lots of inconclusive heart tests. Not a lot of listening. More Tapioca pudding. Less attention on what happened and more attention on why it happened.

They still do not know why I fell. They also still do not know the extent of my injuries.

  • Right elbow has a broken bone fragment floating around in it but no cast is needed/wanted as this particular break needs movement or the joint will lose range of motion. I am no doctor so I cannot explain why. Let’s call it sorcery and move on.
  • Left wrist has a hairline fracture in the Whatchumathingit bone. That’s the one between the Whosit and the Dinglemaflinger. I basically get to wear a brace from the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation world tour.
  • Left shoulder… Got X-rays of it. Although we did not find any immediate breakages or fractures, we did find that moving this joint with any sort of force against it made me speak in tongues and temporarily opened a vortex into the 16th layer of hell. You know, the one where they keep all the Christmas decorations and exercise equipment that they swear they are going to dust off “next spring”
  • Right shoulder is not much better than the left. It only creates enough pain to open the 5th layer of hell. This is where they keep all the useless crap that was once purchased at the “As Seen On TV” store.

They want to MRI or CT scan all of my arm joints but needed more data on the hardware inserted in my chest and how it would react to MRI…

Might be a while until the next update. Hard to type with 2 broken arms…

Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves!


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