Silent, But Deadly

Let’s get the juvenile humor out of the way first… After a heart attack, you get a sudden change in diet. I now eat a LOT of salad and a LOT of Beans and a LOT of other fiber rich foods. I can truly say there are days that I feel as though I breathe in through my nose and out through my ass.

Now for the serious stuff… To this day, I have no idea exactly when I had my heart attack. What I do know is that the type of heart attack I did have is commonly referred to as the “Widow Maker” because less than 50% of those who have it make it to the hospital alive. They typically feel it though and this at least alerts them to try to make it to the hospital.

Based on what the surgeon saw when he had my heart out of my chest, he estimated my heart attack had taken place between 2 weeks and 1 month prior to my hospital visit. His exact words to me were, “Frankly, Mr. Whitemarsh, we are unsure how you are even alive”.

Strangely enough, there were signs that I did not pay attention to. I was far more tired than usual. I was having a much more difficult time focusing or concentrating. I was significantly more lazy than usual. I was way less sociable than usual.

Folks, don’t ignore signs. Don’t ignore your body. Listen to what your body tells you. Even when it forgets to tell you something VERY important like you are having a heart attack!


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