Wolf! Wolf!

Up until now, I have made humorous complaints in an effort to hopefully help others. This is an honest to goodness venting of frustration.

As many know, I was sent home with a loop recorder in my chest and told to push a button on my fob every time I feel something. Today, like many others, has been very trying. My arrhythmia feels like it is out of control. I find myself hitting my little button over and over and over again. But to what end?

Was I sent home as an experiment? Are they just sitting back watching to see what happens next so they can log it in some medical journal? Did they send me home just to wait to die?

Will sleep make the arrhythmia better? I never sleep through a night. I have a sleep study scheduled in 2 months and the soonest my cardiologist can see me is in a month. What am I supposed to do in the next 2 months? When am I supposed to go to the emergency room or dial 911? I get all of these weird feelings in my chest but was also told that they were benign and to go home and live my life. At what point is there really a wolf attacking and not just another false alarm?

Boy Who Cried Wolf


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