10 Things you learn with an ongoing heart condition… (A cautionary tale)

1. Can only have 1 cup of coffee per day or it brings on arrhythmia more so than usual.

2. Can only drink up to between 14 to 16 ounces of beer or the arrhythmia come on so strong that you wish you had never heard of beer.

3. Not enough food makes the blood pressure drop down to where you just want to sleep. (But not at night, this only happens during the day)

4. Arrhythmia happen as you lay down for bed. This then raises anxiety and makes it impossible to fall asleep (lay down about an hour before you really want to go to sleep)

5. All the medications make you forget what you were going to put for number 5

6. If it tastes good, spit it out!

7. Your brain can overpower any sleep aid out there.

8. You now know so many medical terms that you should be able to charge $320 just for meeting/talking to people.

9. Remembering what number 5 was supposed to be a little later… I was going to mention that every little pain you have in your chest area sends you into a panic

10. You are grateful to be alive despite 1 through 9

Again, this is just me serving as a warning to those around me. Take care of yourselves folks. Quit smoking, and no, vaping is not a life saver. Try to get some exercise in. Eat a little better. Don’t bottle it all up inside. Stress is a killer.

Lastly, get to a Doctor regularly. Men are stubborn about this, but let’s not forget that heart disease is the #1 killer of women!


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